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Weight Loss that Sticks
-"Losing Weight is harder. Maintaining is even harder, unless you're on the Wild Roots Diet1"

"The Weight Loss Industry makes 95% of its money from returning clients"


Both Wild Roots, Nepals first health food brand, and  Aarem Karkee, certified dietician who has worked with the likes of ___ did not like this.




Hunger Types

There are mainly six different hunger types. Check yours and get to know the solution to the hunger problem that you are facing

Wild Roots Diet Programme, is designed to be the last diet you ever need.

Lovingly crafted with the best dietary knowledge, behavior science, and constant support, customized for your unique needs and preferences!

Wild Roots is a six week long program designed to help you build the right habits, get the right knowledge and make the right choices

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We will never charge a single rupee from our returning clients

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