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Live Online Workshop:
Achieving Fitness by Managing Inflammation
Nearly every health disorder involves inflammation. Learn how to measure and improve inflammation levels in your body

Workshop Date: 13th June

Workshop Time: 5:00 PM (GMT +5:45)


More and More Research has found Inflammation at the core of nearly every disease

Yet few patients are even aware about inflammation within their body, let alone understanding how to measure or manage their levels.

Meet Nick- The 'Inflammologist'

An Engineer and a former Air Force Pilot, Nick has dedicated the last decade into understanding what causes inflammation, how to measure it, and most importantly, how you can improve it.

Using a data-driven approach that involves constant blood tests, Nick has helped hundreds of individuals managed deal with everything from obesity to diabetes to heart conditions by targeting inflation. You can learn more about his method on his website.

Nick follows every word of what he preaches, and the results are clear.

 This is a part of Saturday Fitness Sessions: The best fitness advice, delivered live!

Each Session is interactive, insightful and most of all, fun.


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